What would more MP mean to you ?

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Re: What would more MP mean to you ?

andywhoa wrote:

I would prefer it.

I shoot landscape. I'd really love more resolution.

I don't really shoot at night. The closest to night I get is sun up / sun set.

Not arguing with you, but why use a 16mp camera if you shoot landscape and would love more resolution?  Are you making huge prints? Surely, you'd get a D800e or you'd already be using medium or large format?  Is it a money issue for you?  Or maybe (and I understand this) you want a light-weight camera?   A Merrill DP1 won't give you the resolution you need?  But I still don't get why landscape shooters can't use a bigger camera with as many MP as they want?  If it's that important then why is it even an issue?

I'd love someone to explain this to me.

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