What would more MP mean to you ?

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Re: What would more MP mean to you ?

For me, it depends on the camera and its intended use. I have an X-Pro1, and wouldn't want more than 16MP for that. I view the X-Pro as a hand held camera for street work, and it's unlikely that I would really see very much more resolution hand holding something with higher resolution. For landscape work, I have a D800e, and that only gets used on a tripod, and even then, very carefully. To get the benefits of a lot of resolution, I need the tripod, mirror lockup, a cable release, and very careful focusing by live view. In fact, my preferred lenses with the D800e are the Nikon PC lenses, which help with good focus at moderate apertures to avoid defraction issues. All that resolution requires a lot of care to get the benefits of it. I'm not doing any of that with the X-Pro. I'd much rather see further improvements in other areas such as dynamic range, low light performance, and focusing (all of which are good already) for the X series.

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