Olympus faux-technical sounding names

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Olympus v. Sony names

Henry Richardson wrote:

I wonder if I am the only one who finds the Olympus faux-technical sounding names hard to remember?

Nah - it's crystal clear !

OM-D E-M10

OK, so you have the OM-D which is the digital version of the old OM. And then you have the PEN, which are film cameras, otherwise they'd be PEN-D. Then you have an E, which is for electronic, so you know they need batteries. Then you have the P for PEN or the M from OM. That's kind of like a parity bit, so you can tell if the product name is fake. Then the M for Mini, L for Lackofabetterletter, and no letter for the original Pen series. Then you have the number, which in the case of the PENs, indicates the generation, and in the case of the OM-Ds, indicates the order of magnitude away from perfection (1 being the ultimate camera, 10 being the lesser camera). This will change with the next generation.

OK, maybe not so clear. Olympus should take its cues from an expert in the consumer electronics industry: Sony. Check out Sony's website. They break out cameras into "Alpha NEX" and "Alpha DSLR". Under "Alpha NEX" you have the last of the NEX cameras plus a bunch of other E and FE mount cameras that are not NEX. The A5000 is a midrange model with no EVF while the A6000 is a slightly higher model with EVF, and the A7 & A7r are full frame models with a central EVF. Under Alpha DSLRs you have a whole bunch of cameras that aren't DSLRs, but are Alphas, including the A3000. That camera is mirrorless and uses e-mount lenses, like the ALpha NEX models (whether they're NEXes or not) but it looks like a mini-DSLR. And then you have the so-called SLTs. The SLTs have product numbers that start with SLT (makes sense), like SLT-A77. The newer e-mount cameras (whether A3000, which Sony considers an Alpha DSLR or A5000 which Sony considers an Alpha NEX) have product numbers which start with ILCE, like ILCE-A3000. So I guess that in addition to being Alpha NEX or Alpha DSLR, they're also "interchangeable lens camera" in E mount. The remaining stock of Alpha NEX cameras which are actually NEX cameras have NEX in the name (NEX-7) while the full frame Alpha NEX cameras which aren't really NEX cameras are also named ILCE-A7, indicating E mount interchangeable lens cameras, but you can figure out that they take FE mount lenses by knowing that the A7 series is full frame.

On second thought, maybe Olympus is find and Sony wants to try "bubonic plague" and "dengue fever".

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