What do m4/3 users think about the Canon G1X II?

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The Canon G1X II is looking pretty good to me?

razorre wrote:

I regret buying Canon G12, It had to be powerful small camera, but it was slow operating, much slower than my friends Olympuses (XZ-1 i think) or some Fuji.

Maybe I was demanding too much (after moving from Canon 40D), but I won't be buying small Canon before extensive tests (done by myself)

Apart of that, now I'm moving to Olympus O-MD

I also have the G12, but feel it operates too slowly and the IQ is nowhere near that of the E-M10 or G1X MkII. I have had my eye on the E-M10, but the kit lens is too slow for my liking and not enough reach to it. If I was to buy the E-M10, I would need a total focal range of 12-100mm as a minimum. So at this point in time, it seems like I have two options:

E-M10 body $700 + Pany 12-35mm ($950) + Pany 35-100 mm ($1,250) = $2,900

(IMHO, it does not make any sense to use only kit lenses on such a fine camera).


G1X MkII body and lens = $800 (or less in a few months)

These are my thoughts right now.

1. G1X would give me a 40% longer range (nice!) AND a faster lens at the short end! I’m sure a TC will also be available if I ever feel the need for one.

2. With the G1X MkII, I would not miss those critical shots due to having the wrong lens on at the time, or worry about dust, dirt, etc… getting on the sensor while frantically trying to change them.

3. I would be able put the G1X in a belt pouch, which I like to do when traveling or at family events.

4. I don’t require an EVF, never used it on my G12, probably since it is basically useless. If I ever do feel the need for one, a very nice one is available for $299, maybe better than the E-M10 EVF?

5. I am already very familliar with the easy to use Canon menu and would not need to learn or deal with (from what I've read) a very difficult new menu, like the OMD's have.

So, after all reviews have been completed on each, with side by side images that I can compare (pixel peep) between these 2 cameras, I will have to decide if the E-M10 is really worth the $2,100 extra. For some reason, I don’t think the IQ will be worth that much extra money, maybe I'll be wrong. I should know within the next 2-3 month which will have the better price to performance ratio. I must say, the specslook pretty impressive right now for a fixed lens camera 

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