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Re: A6000 - losing touch

parallaxproblem wrote:

120 to 35 wrote:

Tonkotsu Ramen wrote:

Wait for the NEX-5T update. (assuming there is one) Since that's more for the selfie/touchscreen crowd.

I will wait, but last time I had to get a 5R instead of 6 because of the convenience of touch for manual focus magnification. Perhaps future EVF's will have better focusing aids.

'Touchscreens are for Selfies' LOL! Yes, it's rather amusing that those with the strongest opposition to touchscreens have no idea what they are for!

Nobody said that touchscreens are for selfies. The poster said that the Nex 5t (successor) is more for people who take Selfies a lot (for the more tilting screen) and for people who want touchscreens (for the touchscreen)

Focus on centre and recompose is a kludge that leads to OOF images, letting the camera decide the focus point... well...

I use this methode for very many years now (from my first film SLR with split screen focus aid) and never had OOF pictures due to this. I've read some articles about it, it is all due to very small focus differences mostly, only visible at 100% magnification and when using large appertures.

So, you have a feature which allows you to *immediately* select *exactly* what part of the image you want to be in focus and people don't want it?????

The touch focus idea is nice, but has its limmitations (like it only works when using the LCD as VF. Other limmitaqtions are: You have to use one hand to manupulate the screen, that hand is not supporting the camera (I allways use a two hand support, one under the lens, one at the grip). Touchscreens are not reacting at my fingers everytime I want them to do so. I do not rely like the touchscreen of my smartphone...

Not everybody is the same, so some like a touchscreen, some don't. I don't like it, but I know they can be switched off, so I don't care if it is on my camera or not. I will not start a campaign to kill the touchscreen

None so strange as folks... but at least we know now why Sony aren't putting it on high-end cameras!

Folks arn't strange, folks are different... And Sony told with the launch of the Nex 7 why they did not put a touchscreen on that camera. It is simply for the fact that they think that people buying that type of camera use the EVF almost all the time and will have no use for the touchscreen. This is the simple reason Sony did not put in a Touch screen, no secrets there, they communicated it to their custommers. They said that they will not put a touchscreen in a camera with EVF.

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