G1X Mk2 - First sample images ... (PICS)

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Bad form.

Marco Nero wrote:

Mk7 wrote:

Are you sure these are real? You mean there really is a MarkII? I seem to recall someone once saying:

"Canon have no intention of producing a sequel to the G1X. I've been pointing this out for over a year now but for some strange reason people here keep expecting to see a successor.
In the meanwhile... forum members keep posting the same "where's the G2X?" threads asking for a sequel. There's not going to be one."

G1X Mk2 is NOT a G2X.  It's not even considered a successor.  Same as Canon lenses with a Mk2 designation are not a new type of lens but a re-marketing of the original lens using technical advancements.  This new camera is simply a re-modelled G1X.  In fact it's still called a G1X.  It is not a G2X.

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Marco Nero.

No, I don't think people should rub it in your face that you were dead wrong, but then you go and find a way to be wrong without being technically wrong.  Nice try, man.

So many of the G cameras should have probably been Mark II's because of very, very minor changes.  Heck, the latest Rebels are only vaguely different than the previous models.

Whatever it's called, this is a whole new camera.  The lens is a radical redesign and the body is different, too.  In high end models they don't like losing the primary designation so they go with "Mark II" etc. to make sure people know there is continuity of some sort.  This is the case with the G, also.  See the 5D and 1D series bodies for references with regard to completely new designs being given a "Mark" designation.

You said there would be no follow up to the G1 X.  You clearly meant the G1 X line was dead in all its forms.  You were wrong.  The only problem with your statement was that you were so incredibly certain and continued to invoke the example of some story about some dude getting fired because of your super awesome leak.  Let it go.

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