What would more MP mean to you ?

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Re: I'm not in a "frenzy"

You may not be frenzied, but 11 posts in 2.5 pages of this thread. Just sayin'...

Look, your negative arguments have applied to every increase in sensor resolution for the last 15 years. Every time, the manufacturers have been able to eventually deliver higher resolution with less noise and increased DR.

I don't see anyone on the forum begging for more resolution regardless of DR and noise - please point out those who are. What I see is users who only want more pixels if DR and noise can be at least held constant. The positives you ask about are exactly what we have wanted for 15 years: more resolution, more DR, less noise. It's not complicated. We all seem to be on the same side.

So your objections boil down to you might have to buy a new computer eventually. But of course, you won't even need to do that, because you can shoot your X-T1 forever if you want. Nobody will force you to go to 24Mp.

So relax. No frenzy needed.

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