Fujifilm X-T1 poor sample imagges

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Re: Fujifilm X-T1 poor sample imagges

It seems to me that the samples are often pretty bad - no matter what camera is reviewed. Handheld, long-ish shutter speeds, often lousy light and a poor selection of ISO settings. It drives me crazy to see the tests presented in a disorganized manner that does not  keep similar ISO settings, lighting situations together for easy comparison. They never seem to use a tripod - or at least it looks that way because  I can often see camera shake degrading some of the shots.

As far as the new camera is concerned, I cannot see any reason why the images with this sensor will be any different from other Fujifilm cameras using  the same sensor and lens. It would make a LOT more sense to see the camera tested for its "rapid fire " performance, quickness of focus and other "new" innovations unique to the camera.

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