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Re: Just a thought - budget FF camera

Donny out of Element here wrote:

Jokica wrote:

If the rumors are true, soon we will have new APS-C flagship E-mount camera called A6000 at the cost of 650E for the body only. That will leave huge price gap between A6000 and A7. How do you think Sony will fill that gap? A6000 is coming to replace NEX-6 and NEX-7, so there are little chance that we will see higher specified APS-C model. Witch leave us to a conclusion that if Sony want to put something in between A6000 and A7, that something could be lower specified FF camera.

P.S. couple a moths ago, there were rumors about FF replacement for 5 and 6 series. This aint happen, but if there is something behind this rumor, it can indicate development of FF sensor camera in lower specified body.

Just a thought

It sounds consistent to what we heard so far. Most probably it will be NEX-7 like body (no hump) with 24Mp FF sensor. With price in between A6000 and A7. Of course some sacrifices will be made - like lesser resolution EVF, smaller LCD etc.

I think the NEX-X will be priced above A7 just to make sure they kill for good the "annoying" NEX name.

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