What do m4/3 users think about the Canon G1X II?

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Re: Finally.... a fixed lens M4/3 camera.... and from Canon!

I think Canon - if the performance pans out - has a very nice camera on their hands.  It's a niche product, for sure, but it would compete very well with the RX100 Mk. II, which seems to be selling quite well, and would probably steal a little business from the PEN or GM lineup.  It is hard to compare the size of that lens (the part outside of the body, at least) to the Panasonic GM1's kit lens.  The 12-32 has OIS, which is nice, and is plenty small.  But it is f/3.5 at the wide end while the Canon is f/2 and zooms nearly three times as far.  That's pretty amazing.  The 12-32 has great optical performance, so maybe the Canon won't QUITE match it, but if it is close, I will be quite impressed with Canon.

Maybe if they slapped the word ZEISS or LEICA on it we would take it more seriously?

Anyway, I am not interested, as I want my backup body to be compatible with my m4/3 lenses, but for a backpacker or tourist, I think this could be a very strong contender.

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