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Re: So, your conclusion is that 'equivalency = false'?

moving_comfort wrote:

awaldram wrote:

As far as I;m concerned both you and Ian have had ample proof of the error of your (and only your) crackpot theories.

So, everyone who understands and discusses equivalence - like Falk Lumo, Joseph James, etc and everyone viewing this thread who understands it are crackpots?

I think I'll invite Mr James to this thread - head crackpot, in your view - he probably likes a good laugh as much as anyone.


So I'm done here you obviously can't even understand the maths that prove your wrong are unable to see the truth in images posted by both Ian and Myself

Ian and yourself? Don't you know Ian's trying his best to make you see the light?


because of your FF centric world , you have no objectivity, even when so obviously wrong to everyone you eventually reach the point your becoming a bit of a joke.

Equivalency is not tied to "FF", it applies between every existing format size. It applies just as much between Q and 645D as it does between aps-c and FF. Don't try to make this a 'FF good, aps-c bad' argument. It simply describes a relationship, and in practice can describe a lens/sensor combo that might work better for someone than another lens/sensor combo. That's it. Don't take it so personally, it's an equation.

An equation that proves your wrong , as has been posted by James .

Or spelt out below by yet another reputable source, what that now 4-5 reputable sources all agree with me.

How many have you and Ian posted oh that’s right non!

I wonder why that is,? Oh I know because no reputable site would fly in the face of science and fact !


A lens does not offer a perspective. The perspective is determined solely by the viewpoint adopted by the photographer, not the lens choice, not sensor size.

You present that as if anyone said otherwise, trying to put that fact 'on your side'. Bad form, it's dishonest. Everyone in this thread that I can see knows what affects perspective - distance from subject only. (I can link to a thread in which I went for pages trying to show why this is so.)


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Here are a few of my favorite things...

Since M = b/v = f/(v–f), it is readily verified that the condition CN/f « M corresponds to v « H. Hence, at close focus the depth of field depends only on the image magnification, the F-number, and the pupil magnification, regardless of the focal length.

I really recommend you do more reading and less posting.

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