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Re: Just a thought - budget FF camera

EinsteinsGhost wrote:

Jokica wrote:

If the rumors are true, soon we will have new APS-C flagship E-mount camera called A6000 at the cost of 650E for the body only. That will leave huge price gap between A6000 and A7. How do you think Sony will fill that gap?

With a7000.

A6000 is coming to replace NEX-6 and NEX-7, so there are little chance that we will see higher specified APS-C model...

No. The a6000 simply replaces 5R/T with EVF added (hence 6 replacement in a way as well).

I do think we might see an a5/a6 at some point below, and a9 above, a7.

OK. I don't get it. The a6000 looks very much like a NEX-6, is built very similarly, has comparable features, has better specs in every way except (maybe) for the EVF. How is it that you see this as more of a 5T replacement?

Its price class. NEX-6 largely came about as an option to 5-series but with EVF. NEX-5R was $750, NEX-6 was $1k, IIRC. With optional EVF, 5R was close to 6.

Instead of two similarly speced models that 5R and 6 were, Sony has introduced 6000, priced at $800 ($50 more than 5R). This is the new mid level model that 5-series previously was.

So, in a way this does replace 6 too but only due to integrated EVF. The next model would be speced more like one expects NEX-7 replacement to be, which itself won't be far from NEX-6 replacement either. If priced $1000-1100, it would sit where 6 and 7 were introduced as. Hence:
a5000: Entry level, $600
a6000: Mid level, $800
a7000: Advanced, $1000+

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