It's easy to forget that a6000 also has...

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Re: It's easy to forget that a6000 also has...

parallaxproblem wrote:

Donny out of Element here wrote:

improved gap-less on sensor microlens design!

improved color filter layer - up to 20% more light gathering!

tilting built-in flash that can be used as a wireless trigger/controller for external flashes!

magnesium alloy body - that is a bit lighter than NEX-6!

flash top plate!

clean HDMI output and zebra for video shooters and also more controls in video!

full camera control over USB for PC studio work!

7 customizable buttons and MR mode on top dial!

better high ISO performance than latest D5300 24Mp APS-C sensor!

11fps with tracking AF in RAW+JPEG with 49 frames (for JPEG) before buffer gets full!

Now I'm just thinking 11fps is 269Mb per second (more than a quarter of Gigabyte per second!) what kind of a card we need for that beast?

From what I read in other previews the construction is the same as the NEX-6, ie. magnesium top plate with the rest of the camera being plastic

Haven't read about the flash tilting, nor the gapless microlenses on the sensor

Where did you read about 7 customisable buttons? I read that it had two soft buttons (now in different locations) and that the d-button can be customised, ie. same as for current cameras, but I would like some clarifcation of this

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The NEX-6 body is all plastic, incl. the top plate. The A6000 definitely has the mag alloy top plate, and in the Sony video he mentioned the materials was like the NEX-7, that mean top plate and lower body  plate in metal...

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