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Re: U r slippery

As far as I;m concerned both you and Ian have had ample proof of the error of your (and only your) crackpot theories.

You images prove my point yet you try to make somhing that doesn’t exist, Being rude and a bit of a twxt doesn’t make you right it just makes your rude and a bot of a twxt.

I'm confident any reader can make their own conclusion about your claims , lets face it they only have to read anything written by anyone to discredit what your saying.

So I'm done here you obviously can't even understand the maths that prove your wrong are unable to see the truth in images posted by both Ian and Myself because of your FF centric world , you have no objectivity, even when so obviously wrong to everyone you eventually reach the point your becoming a bit of a joke.

It doens't matter to me what you chose to believe so be happy in your la la land of FF fluffy clouds.

But to give you a chance to actually learn something......

A lens does not offer a perspective. The perspective is determined solely by the viewpoint adopted by the photographer, not the lens choice, not sensor size.

Much of the confusion is also due to incorrect viewing of the print or digital image.

A wide-angle photograph should  be viewed from close, a telephoto photograph from a larger distance.

What you and Ian are doing is adopt a fixed viewing distance, based on whats  appropriate for normal lenses on a 35mm camera, which will lead to apparent perspective effects for photographs taken with short or long-focus lenses  that will be true focal  or FoV.

Pretty much what your doing for your wild claims that an F2.8 lens becomes something different depending on format despite both images and science proving it can't.

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