Is Ricoh dumping FA lenses?

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Re: By the way, your googling came up empty...

awaldram wrote:

moving_comfort wrote:

The conclusion you should draw: If your existing FA Limited made you happy on the K5, it will make you even more happy on 36MP FF.

Again you lose me.

How is what you or I think have any bearing on the FA limited viability as a continued production item ?

I don't, we don't.

I'm simply saying that (I predict) there may come a time, if we see an FF body,  when some people will question the capability of their existing FA Limiteds based not on performance but on statements by the Pentax marketing department - the department who's job it is to try to get folks to buy new lenses.

My point is that everyone should take this with a grain of salt.  Try your lenses first.  Odds are that if you love them on aps-c, you'll love them even more on high-MP FF.

There also may be some mal-informed fora folk who will try to insist that the original FAs are not 'up to snuff' or some such, even though there's no physical way they could be 'worse' at the same display sizes as before beyond edge performance where those edges never even existed in the image before.

So - beware those people as well.  They will either be trolls, or be somewhat-insecure owners of the 'new' lenses who feel the need to justify their purchase + like to argue.

I'm speaking from experience, we went through this exact drill on the Nikon forum when the D800 appeared.  Maybe this place will be better.  


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