AW110 any good?

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Re: AW110 any good?

dbmodernimage wrote:

Thanks for the replies. I had heard of the fogging issues but wondered whether this was due to swimming/diving with the camera? I don't plan on any underwater activities with the camera just a tough weatherproof camera for my country/trail walking. Wifi and GPS were important which then seem to discount the Canon D20 and Pentax WG3. The Nikon does have the features I'm looking for at a cheaper price due to being discontinued.

I have heard problems with EVERY under water camera about fogging. Its very simple they go to some were very warm take in swimming then go into air conditioned hotel. Wammo fog. Now for me like what your saying I haven't used mine for under water except when I roll my kayak upside down while camera is in my PFD pocket. I haven't had a fogging problem with one summers use so far. I used it kayaking about 3 to 4 times a week during the summer. So it got a fair amount of use.

Do a search on fogging of say the Olympus TG-2 you will find people complaining. Its going to happen, you can put the camera while open in plastic bag with rice to help remove moisture build up. You have to remember water is usually cold compared to the surround air. As long as the camera doesn't leak water into it its fine. The AW110/AW120 has only one door that has to be sealed, were some cameras have 2 doors to seal, more likely to fail.

I think the two best tough cameras are the AW110(now AW120) or the Oly TG-2. I chose the Nikon as at the time it was 100 bucks less money and I thought the image quality was just a tad better than the TG-2. BUT like some features better on the TG-2 and camera was a little easier to hold. If not the Nikon get the TG-2

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