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re: few questions on practical aspects of the a6k

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dpreview has their first look at the A6000 here.

  • as there is no AEL/AFL - AF/MF switch on the back of a6k;
  • IS THERE any other way on N6 type bodies - to take-off AF from half-press of the shutter, and assign it to some other location at the back of a6k??

I never shot fully manual on my NEX 5N because it required going into the on screen menus and I was too ignorant about M at the time. Now I only shoot M on my Canon 6D. jpr2's items above got me thinking . . . how difficult is it to shoot in M mode on the A6000? I see one dial (e.g., aperture), but what about shutter speed? I can have my 6D do auto ISO and set the maximum at 12,800 or 6,400 so that I can focus on aperture and shutter speed with my dials. Can the A6000 do the same? I seem to recall my 5N stopping at ISO 3,200 for auto ISO (and correct me if I am wrong). I suspect Exposure compensation requires on-screen tinkering? Default shutter speed is probably still 1/60 like on my 5N, so I'll be interested to see what it really is and how configurable it can be.

Sean, I'm very much affraid that nothing did change in this respect on the move from N6 to a6k:

  • e.g. the flash sync is still rather lowly 1/160 sec;
  • and the 1/60 sec default is one of the most annoying nuisances already on my N7;
  • forcing me to switch from A-priority to S-priority much more too often that I wish (easy to do with MF legacy, but not otherwise);
  • in the meantime (since posting my questions here 6 hours ago) I've learned that there is probably no way at all to get AF off from the shutter 1/2-press and to assign it to some configurable button at the back of a6k (at least there isn't on N6);


Certainly we'll have to wait for full reviews of the actual performance, but so far no one has asked if the limitations on the NEX 6's Hybrid PDAF AF system will continue to be the case with the a6k.

For example:

On the NEX 6 PDAF only works with compatible lenses used at apertures of f6.3 or wider. Has that been addressed/changed in the a6K?

Will earlier lenses that had firmware updates to enable the NEX 6's PDAF system still work on the new model or will additional FW updates be needed?

Will the viewfinder image still pulsate when AF-C is active and aperture values are greater than f6.3?

Will third party lenses be able to take advantage of this new AF performance (after all Sony did open the E-Mount spec)?

Other NEX 6 issues:

Focus point selection is a multi-button press exercise. My sense is there is no change in that function on the a6k.

Per jpr2 it appears that one cannot configure an "AF-On" function to any of the configurable buttons removing focus from the half shutter press.

The NEX 6 had no provision for saving user settings. This appears to have been addressed with the MR on the mode dial, but we'll have to wait and see how flexible that feature will be.

I own a NEX 6 and enjoy shooting with it, however I have missed shots due to its relatively slow AF performance.

Incidentally, none of the above is an issue/limitation on my "long-in-the-tooth" D-300.

I did ask, about compatibility of available E-mount lenses (including the ones in FE), although in not so precise a manner - thank you for supplying the details:

  • so far, through various YT videos, it AF seems to work well on a6k+16-50PZ, and on SEL 24/1.8, both in rather short FLs range;
  • WHICH other E-mount lenses (SEL, but also FF for FF) will support the OSPDAF this fast in practice?
  • esp. in longer FLs range?
  • would indeed PDAF-enabling FW upgrade done once for N6, be sufficient to make them compatible?
  • how about FE lenses, which AFIK can't be PDAF-enabled by mounting them on N6/5R?
  • on related a very highly topic: can a6k be forced/configured to focus wide open and close aperture to a preset iris value only upon shutter release? This is the best way to secure reliable, critically sharp AF on PDAF-classic cameras with their dedicated sets of PD sensels;


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