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Re: A6000 - losing touch

120 to 35 wrote:

As mentioned in various threads here, the A6000 has good features and sells at an attractive price point, the same for the A5000.

But with all the excitement about focusing speed, I find it strange that the cameras do not feature a touch screen.

The large number of PDAF points spread all over the frame is a great idea. Yet the quick focus-selection touch tool is missing.

Perhaps 80% of current camera use is with smart-phones and tablets. These devices feature a very high-res LCD that shows the difference between in-focus and out-of-focus areas very clearly, despite the large depth of field of the tiny lenses and sensors. The phone shows a green square on the focus area and allows the user to tap on a face or an object to change the focus point immediately.

How is the average iPhone user going to be convinced that this camera is not a clumsy, difficult-to-use downgrade from the phone? On the highly successful NEX-5 models with touch screen, the transition from the phone is simple with the same touch screen and focus point selection. Why not include the touch screen on all models?

Some advanced users (and there are many in this forum) might think the touch screen is just for novices and has no benefit for them. I have seen long threads about continuous auto-focus and auto-focus speed, but nothing about auto-focus pint selection.

Therefore it seems those particular posters mostly take pictures of

  • one active child
  • one playful dog
  • one bird in flight
  • one building or monument in frame

No all real-world subjects are in the above list. We often need to choose the focus point among two possible ones, while the camera generally selects the closer face or object or the one with more contrast (often the nearest lamppost or window frame). And we need to do this in a split second.

I don't think we will spot any paparazzi using the A6000 to take pictures of celebrities on the move accompanied by minders and assistants.

The average iphone user will..... be using an iphone.

Wait for the NEX-5T update. (assuming there is one) Since that's more for the selfie/touchscreen crowd.

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