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Hey Dick,

Thanks for finding and sharing the docs, interesting reading!  It's also interesting to see that the "layers" we think of are actually more like buckets (and one of the things I kept thinking before was that you would lose red because if the angle wasn't steep enough then the light would hit the edge if the sensor instead of going straight down.

I guess that the other advantage of the system is that if you wanted to record colour more accurately you could introduce more areas of sensitivity (make smaller jumps) but I am also guessing that each layer or jump must have a negative impact of the sensitivities of the layers below.

As for 2 colour measuring to recordg 3, at the moment I am visualising it as being similar to early colour film solutions but with the added precision of digital helping to reconstruct the image more accurately later (and with more luminance resolution too).  In its simplest form the bottom 2 layers give you the colour and the top layer gives you 4 different readings of brightness.

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