What do m4/3 users think about the Canon G1X II?

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JeanPierre Martel wrote:

honeyiscool wrote:

Yeah, I actually think $800 is a really good deal by M43 standards. I mean, the only fast wide angle we have is... $800, and Canon gives you a lens that has those specs at the wide end, plus it zooms. And has a sensor bigger than a 4/3" sensor behind it. So how is that overpriced?

You can't compare m4/3 cameras with the Canon G1X II. Why? The size of the sensor is one criterion. But the quality of the sensor is a lot more important.

Its a combination of lens and sensor and fixed lenses designed for a specific sensor are usually very good. The zoom lens on the G1X is better than any zoom I used on m4/3's and the sensor is actually very good. The IQ of the G1X is very competitive with most m4/3's lens/camera combinations. Take a look at this shot at original view and full magnification, this is wide open at F2.8 and 1/13th second. I don't think you're going to find too many m4/3's cameras/lenses that will do better.

If Canon would put a sensor as great as the one found in second-generation m4/3 cameras (OM-D, Lumix GX7, etc.), the Canon G1X II would have an IQ as good as DSLRs sold twice that price and made by that same company.

It already does, try finding an APS-C F2.8 zoom that is this sharp wide open.

So Canon don't have the choice but putting a sensor equivalent to the one in first-generation m4/3 cameras (GH1, old Pens, etc.). These days, those old m4/3 cameras are sold as kits at a rebate price a lot below 800$. That's why the Canon GX1 II is overpriced.

You clearly underestimate how good the G1X mk1, and potentially the mk2, are, nothing wrong with the IQ in these cameras for sure.

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