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Re: No surprises there

amobi wrote:

Kabe Luna wrote:

The Dƒ has largely relegated my D800 to low ISO, controlled light-only use. Shot a couple of events with the Dƒ–including one wedding–and at ISO 640 and beyond, its IQ is tangibly superior to the D800. This is particularly true in mixed artificial light, where it delivers not only more accurate colors, but also functionally greater dynamic range.

The more I use it, the more I appreciate its qualities! Great job, overall, Nikon producing a camera to what sure must have been often conflicting objectives!

Please don't make me look again at Df. I have totally crossed it out. Your are far from being a fan boy.

If you shoot in low light and have no desire for the mass of a D3/s or D4, there are far worse choices than the Dƒ. 

My biggest concern when I tested it was the grip. Nikon should borrow from Canon on how to grip a camera. I can't imagine shooting a wedding with Df without a grip. T

For me, having spent a lot of time early on shooting with far worse-handling cameras than the Dƒ (like virtually all 35mm SLRs if you have a substantial lens mounted–their even-slimmer bodies afford precious little purchase–and my beloved Bronica SQ-A sans grip), it's been a pretty quick adjustment to holding the lens rather than the camera body as I used to do (and still do when I've got anything larger than a 24-70/2.8 attached). Muscle memory, I suspect.

That said, I can see how anyone who's never handled, let alone done work using a manual focus 35mm SLR, would find the Dƒ's handling miserable. Sort of like going from a brand new Honda Accord with CVT to a 1990 Civic hatchback with manual transmission and no power steering.

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