Current NEX-7 owner underwhelmed by new a6000

Started Feb 12, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Re: personally

edwardaneal wrote:

as a very happy NEX-7 owner I see the A6000 as a very possible second body. don't care about faster AF, but at the price it is much lower and it should have pretty much the same image quality as my 7

of course I will wait until the real tests are in

I would say IQ will be a bit better:

20% better highISO performance due to different RGB filter

gapless microlens design sensor

Those 2 things should play in favor of a6k IQ over NEX-7

Now if you shoot JPEG's as well - than we can add BIONZ-X chip that has better jpeg engine, better WB as well as area specific NR. Also it is now possible to switch NR off completely!

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