What would more MP mean to you ?

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Re: And your argument is ... ?

nick_webster wrote:

Not sure whether you are for or against more MP - perhaps you could come up with a more cogent post ?

I never said 16MP was the "sweet spot". I asked why people are asking for more MP. I won't need to eat my words if I buy a camera with more MP because I would be buying it for features other than it's MP count - the increased MP would probably be a factor against buying one, but if it had other things I wanted I might overlook that.


I'm just playing around a bit trying not to get too serious on what has always been a sensitive subject. But to answer your question - in general, my experience with higher mp sensors has been positive with very few of the negatives that you reference,however, I'm all for Fuji waiting a bit longer because I think we're almost to a place where you will get all of the benefits of 24mp and none of the negatives.

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