What would more MP mean to you ?

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Re: What would more MP mean to you ?

With your logic I wonder why people aren't complaining about 16mp. Wouldn't a 10mp sensor provide more of the same benefits that you're claiming you get from a 16mp sensor? Which begs the question... who made the completely subjective decision to declare 16mp the sweet spot? I declare 24mp the new sweet spot. I've determined that anything over 24 is overkill. If you want more than 24mp then you are required to sign a statement verifying that you print large at least 17% of the time. You must also verify that you crop less than 10% of the time or provide an explanation of why you didn't buy and include more lenses in your bag to minimize cropping. I think designating 24mp as the new sweet spot leaves plenty of room to make fun of the 36mp and 54mp idiots of the world (at least the ones that aren't willing to sign the sworn statement).

But the biggest benefit of updating the sweet spot to 24mp now is that you won't have to eat your words when you buy the 24mp Fuji X next year.

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