Current NEX-7 owner underwhelmed by new a6000

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Re: Current NEX-7 owner underwhelmed by new a6000

aap292 wrote:

1prime wrote:

LSHorwitz1 wrote:

After years since the NEX-7, I expected more.

No claims whatsover for better lower light sensitivity, a MUCH lower rez EVF, fewer dials, same resolution for stills, and a generally comparable feature set to the older models.

Newer? Certainly !! Better? Meh !!

Only partially agree. You're right about the long wait for the NEX-7 replacement.........zzzzz! I've purchased 3 cameras during that wait so I doubt I'll replace my current NEX-7 with this a6000.

But the BIONZ X processor should be effective, and, I think, the big news is its $800 price. Atta babe, SONY. $800 should bring you some new enthusiasts who will enjoy a quality camera.

So, overall, the a6000 is a winner, even though it won't induce many owners to unload their NEX-7s.

Best, Don

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And I guess you will have to see if the gapless sensor helps with low light.

As good as my NEX-7 is, I can't say I'm overwhelmed with its low light capability.  My NEX-5R completely overshadows (sorry for the pun) my 7's low light functions.  So it stands to reason the a6000's low light functions with its new processor should solve that problem.  We'll see.

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