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Tom Schum wrote:

Tom Schum wrote:

Guenter Borgemeister wrote:

DickLyon wrote:

Another good way to think of the lower levels is that they get the same four samples as the top level, and then "aggregate" or "pool" four samples into one. This is easy to simulate by processing a full-res RGB image in Photoshop or whatever.

Hi Dick, nice to hear from you after all these years. I hope you are doing fine.

Thanks for your explanations which settle my doubts about the new sensor design. I just did the simulation you suggest in Photoshop and the result looks much better than the one of my first (doubtful) one in another thread. You made my day

Original left, simulation as suggested by Dick right. See original size.

Yes the image on the right does appear to have slightly less color differentiation but it really is quite a small difference.

On second glance I see plenty of smearing in the blue part of the right side image!

There's definitively loss of color accuity and some color like the yellow arc is just a tad slightly different. It doesn't look bad but it looks one step towards a Bayer output. Which is why I said when capturing at full resolution it's not really the previous X3 Foveon capture.

Black and white should look much closer to what would be a full on X3 at high resolution.

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