There is NO reason not to get X-E1 for $719

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Wait a minute Stimpy...

stimpy wrote:

Andy G wrote:

stimpy wrote:

Les Lammers wrote:

Time to put to bed the DSLR v X rivalry. Apples and oranges.

Funny thing is, there is nor rivalry, just crazy Fuji fanboys who think it equals a DSLR in all areas.

I think you need to re-read the posts in this thread and give me an example of where this statement has been made.

I personally object to being called a fanboy of anything, as I have personally owned Canon, Nikon, Panasonic and Fuji bodies. Nobody in this thread has ever tried to best your sacred DSLR, yet you feel the need to troll about the Fuji X-series. I have owned and still own a plethora of gear and I do know a great photographic tool when I use one.

I think you are best to stay clear of this forum as you are clearly irked enough by its content that you feel the need to show your ignorance.

Posts like the one above, comments like "Time for bed little man", suggestions of "You'd argue with your own shadow I think, lol.", when it is clearly you who is looking to argue, are all bad form and tantamount to trolling.

mistermejia created a thread to talk about the X-E1 being too good value to pass up and you used the thread as a platform to bash the camera and to question, amongst other things, my perception of what I have just bought too. You tell me I have compromised, when in fact I have found a camera that excels in many areas. You tell me I am wrong, insinuating that you know better. Arrogance does not make you more right that the next person, but the phrase about empty vessels making more noise, is definitely banging around in my head. If this is the way you want to be perceived, continue trolling.

These are discussion forums, not boards for keyboard warriors who believe themselves more informed than the next member. Sadly, over the years, DPReview forums have gone downhill and have become almost battleground in nature. Coming in with the one liner, "AF doesn't matter when you shoot things that don't move." was clearly designed to wind up this thread, probably with the intention of crashing the thread into an argument over AF. That in my book is trolling.

Not really sure my comment is trolling.

The OP claimed the AF speed of the X-E1 is "nothing to cry about". Then followed that up with several shots of stuffed animals and a sleeping child. I.e static subjects.

My response was that AF doesn't matter for static subjects; because it doesn't. I still stand by this.

For whatever reason, this results in you being argumentative:

anyone who purchased an X-E1 to capture fast moving subjects is not capable of understanding the strengths and weaknesses of a much written about camera


people convince themselves of this "huge" autofocus issue to help justify to themselves (or partner) that more expense is required".

I simply disagree, I think many people purchased the X-E1 and were disappointed with the AF. I know for a fact the AF has cost Fuji sales. Even now, comparing it to other cameras it performs under par.

Does that mean I don't like any of my Fuji's? No. In fact I just purchased another X-E1 only 4 weeks ago. But I am able to accept its a weakness of the range and I don't mind saying so when someone tells me the AF is "nothing to cry about".

I am happy to voice dissatisfaction; it's beneficial. Fuji have done great work improving many aspects of the X-Trans line because of people who have stood up and said things need improving.

I just don't understand the desire to try and somehow argue against AF being a weakness. AF is not subjective, it's an objective measurable quality. Whether it's acceptable or not is subjective, and everyone is entitled to their opinion on this, good or bad. That is something that unfortunately isn't accepted on DRP, and any negative comments are seen as attacks.

But what's really crazy is that for all your ranting about how provocative and trollish my comment was (despite it being factually true) and how DPR has "gone downhill"; in one post you've managed to label me as arrogant, make the rather rude suggestion that "empty vessels make more noise" and chose to call me a troll.

Do you realise that you are displaying the very behaviour you claim to detest? These are personal attacks from you, and all rather unnecessary to be honest.

You post argumentative replies then take umbridge whens someone bites.

...Just a minute sir, It is clear that you and I know that i mentioned AUTO FOCUS, NOT auto focus TRACKING for speed.  You are talking about a complete different subject sir, which i completely understand you.  If YOUpersonally did buy the XE1 for AF speed and spent $1400 for it, then yes, i myself would be crying about it

How many times do i have to repeat to you that "i" as well as other people don't buy this camera for FAST auto focus, and even less, for AF tracking??  As someone else has already explained to you, this post is clearly about VALUE for what you are getting, NOT speed sir.

What is it that you want to accomplish here?

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