What would more MP mean to you ?

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What would more MP mean to you ?

I've seen so many threads over the years in all the forums about how people want more MPs in their cameras - see the first page on this forum for at least 3 threads

At first I could see some point - going back to 5MP or less days - but now I really struggle to see much point in more MP. There are quite a few downsides that most don't seem to consider, including but not limited to ...

Poorer battery life - lots more electrons to push about

Need for faster, higher capacity cards

Slower FPS - can be also mechanically limited

Slower write times, may miss shots if the buffer is full

Slower processing on the computer

More expenisve lenses that can resolve that detail

It gets harder to get pixel sharp photos as any camera movement/shutter vibration is effectively magnified.

In my experience, at normal viewing distances, you can't see a lot of difference even in 40cmx50cm ( 16x20 in the old money ) prints after about 10MP.

Don't know if the failure rate of sensors is higher for higher density chips but if so that would increase sensor costs as well.

On the plus side i can't think of a great deal except better ability to crop - but unless you're printing large and cropping extensively then I fail to see that more MP would bring any discernible difference - and who crops that much/prints that large on any regular basis ? If you're cropping that much on a regular basis then I'd suggest you are using the wrong focal length lens

Yes, at 100% you can see some differences, but I don't believe that translates into a better photo in most cases.

So why the clamour for more ? I'd like to hear why people want more and also if you are happy with what you have - MP wise. Feel free to show examples if you feel that will help your argument for or against


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