A7/A7R Light leaks reported + White Orbs issue?

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Re: A7/A7R Light leaks reported + White Orbs issue?

NicolasKL wrote:

Bob Sal wrote:

elber21 wrote:

I did the following tests of 30 sec. each, no flash light, just indoor lighting:

1)With the body cap : no leaking

2)Novoflex adapter with voigtlander 50 1.5: light leaking (3 & 7 o'clock)

3)cheapo adapter and canon 85 1.8 : light leaking from the left side only.

So i thought the leaking was occured from the adapter, either from the connection adapter-mount or from the connection adapter-lens.

But some people here r saying that they have light leaking with native lenses.

If you have a light leak with a Novoflex adapter there is a problem with the adapter and it should be returned to Novoflex for warranty service/replacement.

Considering numerous people are getting light leaks with native lenses, I'd say that's not likely to be true at all.

Have you asked Novoflex?

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