a6000 faster than OMD E-M1, faster than most DSLR's (if not all). Good job SONY.

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Re: a6000 faster than A7/A7r, Good job SONY ???

sean lancaster wrote:

arphoto wrote:

Why a "so bad so slow" autofocus in entry level A7/r ?

I am perplexed that Sony was apparently this close to having the "fastest AF in the world" and didn't put it in their revolutionary full frame mirrorless entries released not too long ago.

I'm not. The sensor in the A7R is basically based on a 2 year older design. Plus, the larger the sensor, the harder it is to get fast read out speeds, which is crucial for fast on sensor PDAF.

Maybe they could have made improvements to the original 36MP sensor in this regard, but that would surely have driven up cost too and margins are what Sony needs currently.

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