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Re: Can you please show camera pic with the 20m flash?

zilver wrote:

Can't find the picture of the A7 with the 20m flash anywhere, would like to see if's it still small.

Thank you.

NicolasKL wrote:

juvx wrote:

Im sure this has been asked before but what flash do you guys use for the Sony A7 or A7r? I just bought a A7. I dont mind using a non sony brand in its standard hot shoe im just looking for the best option.

I bought a Sony 20m mainly because I don't usually need a high powered high featured flash and the small size of the A7R is one of the main selling points for me so having a flash I can fit in my shirt pocket is a big benefit. Just got it last night so I haven't used it extensively, but it seems capable for what it is, somewhere in between a built in flash and a "real" flash.

I may also pick up a F43M if I think I'll get some use out of it, but I'm mostly a landscape photographer, I just want a flash for casual candids, so I probably don't really need anything better than the 20m. Though if I do pick up a higher end flash, I can use the 20m to trigger it if I want, which is a bonus.

Seems to me that using a standard hot shoe would be missing out on some benefits (though probably gaining in other areas), but someone else can probably chime in better than I on that.

I can post a pic when I get home.  Depends on your definition of small.  It's a relatively small flash, but when mounted on the camera it still sticks up a fair amount even when it's in the down/off position.  It's not something you could leave mounted and shove in your pocket.  It is something you could leave mounted and put in a camera bag as long as the camera bag was accomodating, though I'd be a little worried that any pressure on the end of the flash would leverage quite a bit of force onto the flash mount, so I probably wouldn't ever do it.

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