Who plans to order the G1X Mark II?

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Re: No thanks they Ruined it

AdamT wrote:

all they needed to do was replace the OVF with an EVF and speed the thing up - that was ALL !! . the lens, sensor, user interface, handling, swivelly screen the lot were pretty much perfect on the oriiginal G1X - I Hate the touchscreen on my EOS-M and wish it could be totally disabled as it`s easy to touch when handling the camera messing up the focus point or worse ......

what I like most after the RAW IQ of the original G1X has been removed, the Exposure comp dial , two command dials and swivel screen all gone, Yes a Faster lens is good so long as its as perfect as the slower G1X unit which was tack sharp edge to edge end to end (in otherwords not compromised by the speed and range increase) we`ll see how it fares in RAW at the edges and for CA .

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I have to agree completely. I looks as though the tilt screen only tilts upward. What about holding the camera overhead in a crowd? The swivel screen of the G1X had that covered.

I also am not that crazy about the touchscreen. With the M, M2, 70D and SL1, I am having to force myself to learn to deal with touch screen, but I still like dials. I can see how the camera is set up before I even turn it on if it has external controls. If it's not what I want, change it. Fujifilm has done things right with their new X-T1. I wish Canon would move in that same direction, but I guess us older folks are going to have to be satisfied with more and more touchscreen control. That looks like the future. One more thing, what good is an EVF if you have to take the camera away from your eye to use a touchscreen to make setting changes? The two rings on the lens may mitigate that problem, but I would need to handle the camera to see how those can be used.

As Year77 points out in his reply, what's up with 13MP? So many cameras, many with smaller sensors, have 18+MP. With today's sensors and processing capabilities, there is little to be gained in fewer pixels.

I'm glad that Canon increased the wide angle end of the lens to 24mm. I would make use of that. The faster lens speed is also nice.

The OVF on the G1X is certainly not good, but I can use it in bright sunlight. Now, you have to spend another $300 to get an EVF. Are you kidding? Now we're at $1100, and still can't change the lens. There is simply too much competition in the $1100 price range for me to consider the G1X MK II.

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