Sony A7R vs Sigma DP3Merrill

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Feelings, well, they are irrefutable

OvinceZ wrote:

If I say I am disappointed about the A7R photos of the Anzac Bridge then that is exactly how I feel and no amount of arguing is going to change that perception. I see wb2trf got 14 ticks of approval. Well, consensus doesn't always mean that person is right.

Certainly we honor your feelings and don't dispute your feeling them.  However, when you write they are "bitter" for you, we compassionately want to rescue you.  If our efforts to rescue you from such bitterness is met with an obstinate wallowing in such emotion, well there is nothing more we mere forum dwellers can do for you.  You can move beyond our reach.

How many people posting here have the A7R? How many have taken photos with it in the summer? When and if you do own this camera then good luck with your photos. I have been impressed with the Sony sensors and this aberration won't change much...except I respect the Foveon sensor more.

We all respect the Foveon sensor.  I've been thinking about buying one myself.  However, one must bear in mind that these days cameras whose images fall apart at above ISO 400, are special purpose machines.  The Sigmas are nice special purpose machines, if that is what you need.

I usually refrain from posting photos that don't show a camera off. This time I wasn't happy at all. Sure, lots of things contributed to the mess in the A7R jpgs. Still, that is hardly what I expected. Then when I saw what the Sigma revealed I was even more disappointed. Oh, I know how stellar the Sigma DP3M photos can be. On the day I took these photos I was giving the A7R an outing and I took some photos with the Sigma because I knew I would enjoy the results. The fact that the cameras had different lenses is irrelevant. I know the arguments here but I still don't like what the Sony produced.

We have made a great effort to explain rationally why you need not wallow in that dislike, but in the end we won't deprive you of whatever obstinate satisfaction such wallowing provides for you.

Yeah, I won't rely on jpgs from that camera which is a real shame. Means processing is a necessity for many photos.

Yes, its all a shame.  The A7R is just a shame, nothing else.  There's a wallow for you.

If you honestly believe it isn't the camera or sensor then it surely must be the person pressing the shutter. However, you might be mistaken and it is indeed the limitation of the camera and sensor given the conditions and settings, etc.

Yes, of course, facts not presented by you might establish anything.  You could be on to something, but if you are, it is probably an accident.  That about sums up the rational part of this, and now, we leave you to in your wallow, which we respect your right to enjoy.

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