Sony exits the PC business

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Re: Sony exits the PC business

Whatever is the outcome with Sony I'm sorry to hear of this possibility.  I've been a Sony laptop user for what must be well over 10 years now - each model has been excellent and chosen for the fact that I needed a good level of reliability and quality as they've been used both in business and pleasure. I still keep AND use my first old machine with Windows Miillenium on it..but that one had as part of the system the old - maybe best - MS-DOS system available...the 6.22 version that really was maybe the best of DOS systems.. and I STILL to this day use that laptop when needed for some few things in DOS mode. a good top-level Sony laptop has - I've found - always been for me anyway a reliable machine.
Alas the top better quality more modern Sony laptops really have now got quite expensive .. AND coupled with that I've slowly but certainly been getting more and more disenchanted with Windows and the PC system generally .. so.. a chance came along in late 2013 to get myself a new but excellently discounted MacBook Pro Retina.. being sold-off (new unused) as an early 2013 model to make way for the newer late 2013 Mavericks ones.. and the discounted price was barely more than I'd have to pay now for a new current top-class rated Sony laptop.   After over 40 years of Windows and the variations AND indeed all that came before it.. going to a Mac was quite a change ..  but I can honestly say that it is a move that I've not regretted one moment. I'm still of course using my existing Sony laptop for many this is what I consider an ideal way to ease into using a new system quite unknown and obviously quite different in many ways..yet I've found that using a Mac is simply NOT that challenging if you have any sort of experience generally with computer usage .. there are changes naturally.. but SO many things are just SO easy AND totally pleasing in use, that I've already had probably more than enough satisfaction to fully justify the change so far as it has been necessary at this time.
BUT - I cannot help but wonder if Apple really have in their most recent models started a trend which might be regarded a little as a "shooting themselves in the foot" mode.  The idea of literally clamping almost every main component (drive - memory- etc) to the machine with no chance of user-upgrades, is something of a surprise and I'm sure to many.. a big drawback. It CAN be done of course if you hand the machine to Apple to do it.. I have no idea of the cost.. although done in the professional way I'm sure it would be.. maybe the cost is not vastly different than having any user-upgrade done by an expert on their behalf anyway.
However.. that is maybe an expense which is always likely to be a "future" thing generally... and meanwhile it really does not take away one jot of certainty that whatever MacBook you choose at the outset, is quite certainly going to be giving you an extremely good computer which in the PC world I'm more than sure would cost you very close to the same amount ...  I consider it overall  a very good comparative a hugely contented level of pleasure in daily use anyway.

If it is so..good bye and thank you Sony.. but for me..I don't think it is the end of the line..just a new door opening ..

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