Olympus faux-technical sounding names

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Aethon wrote:

Two problems. One: the main point of differentiation that you offer is not exactly dispository. OM-D has a viewfinder whereas PEN...may or may not, it depends... That's as clear as mud.

No PEN has a VF, NONE. You can add a detachable VF, but it's not part of the body.

Second, nowhere does anyone explain what all the letters mean. I bought into Olympus m43 two years ago and your differentiation between OM-D and PEN lines is the first I have heard of it - I've never understood the difference.

PEN: styled on the old Olympus Pen line of film cameras,

OM-D: styled on the OM line of film cameras, D signifying digital.

think of PEN and OM-D as the camera line, similar to EOS and NEX

E-mx, E-px: the E is a carry over from 4/3, at some point it stood for EVOLT

e-Mx: the M might stand for Micro, or hark back to the original Olympus SLR (named the M-1 until they got sued and changed it to OM) but probably Mirrorless

e-Px: the P here clearly stands for PEN

e-pL, e-pM: Light simplified controls) and mini (smaller)

It's exponentially worse for people familiarizing themselves with the brand for the first time.

Some people stress over these designations, others just deal with it. Some complain they don't understand the history behind them, but won't take the time to do a little research.

I have a friend currently trying to understand the naming schemes for Nikon and Canon cameras. He's wondering why both companies insist on using only the digits 5, 6, 0 and D to name their mid-range cameras - and he's right of course. It's idiotic.

There are a million ways to name products. The way that camera companies do it is genuinely stupid.

They have to use some designation. In all likelihood, no matter what naming scheme they used, it would confuse, annoy, or offend someone.

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