It's easy to forget that a6000 also has...

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Re: That's a lot of exclamation points (!)

I just look at the 16-70 and 70-200. The latter, I understand, is a FE lens and designed more with the A7/r in mind than the APS-C gear. Nonetheless, I wonder if they won't build a flagship body with those lenses in mind; something maybe a bit bigger with an optional vertical grip, keeping in mind that the competition's flagship cameras are also mid-EVF models (EM1 and XT1). Then I throw in the A3000 (doesn't mean much, but shows a precedent for a new body style with E mount) and the SAR rumors saying the A6000 would replace the NEX-6 & 7 both and the fact that the A5000 replaces both the NEX-3 and NEX-5 lines and I could just easily imagine Sony deciding on 4 products like this:
A3000 = entry level, dirt cheap, DSLR shape to attract buyers w/cheap EVF
A5000 = ultra compact
A6000 = RF style
A8000 = flagship, could be DSLR style for above reasons

Not even guessing that this will be the case; just wondering.

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