Current NEX-7 owner underwhelmed by new a6000

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Re: Maybe NEX-7 owners can read between the lines.

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... namely, the high ISO performance. That's the weakest point of NEX-7, and there are reasons to expect A6000 to be a lot better in low light. Though, I expect the jpegs will have the same ugly noise reduction as the A7, which also has BIONZ X processor.

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A significant improvement in high ISO performance would drastically change my otherwise critcal and negative opinion of this upgrade from my current NEX 7.

They gave it a lower price point, and a lower major number. Maybe they are trying to tell you something, e.g. "this is not intended to be an upgrade from your current NEX-7, but if you want a lower priced body with 24MP and better AF, knock yourself out".

Well, I am more and more convinced by the replies to my initial harsh comment in starting this thread that this a6000 could indeed be a game-changer, and pave the way for what might be a really significant replacement for the NEX 7.

Assuming all of the claims and expectations prove to be accurate, and that the a6000 delivers as advertised, then Sony is left with a really formidable challenge to make an a7000 which will justify an additional significant price increase over the a6000, and create a reason to replace the NEX 7 with an a7000 rather than an a6000.

If I were starting a new thread now based on the wealth of feedback and great comments posted here, I would have to ask the question: "What more can an a7000 body offer that the NEX 7 owner would want to wait for to make the next upgrade?"". If the promises of the a6000 are truly delivered, then the list of yet to be incorporated further improvemens may come down to build quality, waterproofing, and things related more to the pro user's environment that to actual image quality and ease of picture taking.

I was unaware that an a7000 was planned when I posted the original thread here, but now can recognize that a NEX 6 owner has every reason to consider an upgrade, and perhaps NEX 7 users like me may also feel the same way. It is still very enticing to consider what the a7000 will have to offer which makes it worth waiting for.

Can't imagine that it woukl be more pixels, faster focusing, or faster processor, given what the a6000 offers.

Perhaps a 4K Ultra HD video mode, to match the latest announced Panasonic GH4 high end MFT mirrorless? This would be an area where Sony would most likely feel the need to "catch up" with the competition in a video domain in which they have truly excelled in the past.


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