It's easy to forget that a6000 also has...

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Re: It's easy to forget that a6000 also has...

Donny out of Element here wrote:

improved gap-less on sensor microlens design!

improved color filter layer - up to 20% more light gathering!

Dpreview makes no mention of this.. unless I have missed it?

better high ISO performance than latest D5300 24Mp APS-C sensor!

If it's better than the Toshiba sensors, that would be awesome, Toshiba are currently clear step ahead of older Sony sensors (at high ISO).

I would expect Sony to make that step forward, but I'm gonna wait for proper tests to come out and to verify this for myself.

Now I'm just thinking 11fps is 269Mb per second (more than a quarter of Gigabyte per second!)

Sounds impressive? Consider that sensors that do 1.1 gigapixels/sec (14mp @ 80fps, yes, 80fps) have been available for a while now.

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