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Re: In Between Storms

There is only one thing that indicates the storm and that is the wind in the pants of that couple. So it's good that you've included them in your image. Oke you can tell there are also boats on the quay, but that could be of a different time. However the wind in the pants makes it. Remarkable beside that the harbour looks really quiet. Were is this location of this port and what is the name of the port?


NewGirlLiz wrote:

Hi all

Here's my pic from this week. As always (because I haven't learned any PP skills yet!) this photo is straight OOC. I'm not sure why I like it, but I do - so I thought I'd see if anyone else does too. There have been (and still are) a lot of storms where I live, so you have to choose when to go out walking carefully. This couple were out at the same time as me and my dog, and managed to get across this bit of the harbour in between huge waves.

I would have posted a pic of the waves instead, but every time the swell got bigger, someone I knew came along and started chatting to me so I didn't get any good ones!

Best wishes


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