It's easy to forget that a6000 also has...

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Re: That's a lot of exclamation points (!)

Donny out of Element here wrote:

Dennis wrote:

Now, does it have Auto ISO in M ?

I think we can put 1 more exclamation point - since I'm pretty sure it does.

That would be nice. I was disappointed to see it left out of a couple cameras introduced after the A99, since it seemed that Sony finally got the message. But then it was only put in a couple other high end models (RX1 ? I forget exactly, but I wish the RX100 had it). One of the big, understated advantages to the A6000 is the move away from the NEX menu to the more traditional menu. It seems that this camera is about refinement. (Someone posted elsewhere that this camera is to the NEX-6 what the 5n was to the NEX-5).

AF with the NEX-5 was nothing stellar, but adequate for a lot of things, and it got faster with newer models. If the new one makes any decent advance, even if it doesn't match a DSLR for tracking an athlete flying across the ice with a fast tele zoom, it will be appreciated by many. The new menu system will be a huge boost in usability. I'm not overly fussed by the EVF. While I found the high res EVF in the latest cameras (A7 & EM1) to be impressive in their "transparency" (lack of pixelization) I didn't really care for them all that much and don't see them as being a huge selling point. Lens selection is getting better, especially with the addition of the f/4 zooms (I'm still not enamored with the selection of primes and would not invest in the system until that's addressed). It's looking like a solid, little camera (esp. if it has Auto ISO in M !)

Now the big question will be what comes next ? I wonder if it will be a flagship mini-DSLR camera that will really annoy NEX-7 fans !

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