It's easy to forget that a6000 also has...

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Re: It's easy to forget that a6000 also has...

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There really is much to love about this camera. Perhaps it could be as revolutionary as the NEX 5N was in its time over 2.5 years ago. I just wish the A6000 didn't regress on EVF and LCD as the higher quality tech would better appease the manual lens folks (I guess I am one, but I prefer AF).

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The LCD hasn't regressed, only the EVF. I think given the much lower starting price plus the other improvements and that that EVF isn't actually 'bad' and is certainly acceptable in the A58 and RX10, it's actually a worthwhile downgrade. Keeping in mind $650 is the rrp, it is very likely these will be dipping down to around $500 before too long (and Sony know this), so they had to cut costs somewhere.

Agree. However, just in case I see 3 points that make this EVF in a6k an upgrade really:

1. EVF in a6k is OLED, and that is not new to A58 and RX10, but it is an upgrade to NEX-6, since NEX-6 EVF was LCD.

2. Sony guy in video presentation states that it has NEW improved optics in front of OLED, so better viewing experience, more sharp and easy to see contrast and edges etc.

3. Unlike A58 - a6k EVF is coupled with much faster BIONZ-X chip that translates into much better refresh rates, better/smother live feed from sensor, sharper, cleaner look etc.

IMHO if old car has 6L engine and new one 4.4L engine, but new one drives faster and smother - is that considered downgrade or upgrade?

The NEX-6 EVF was OLED, the same unit as the A65/A77/NEX-7/EVS1/A7/A7R. Going OLED is not an upgrade in the a6000. The only non-OLED EVFs Sony have had have all been in the Alpha series, including the a33/a55/a35/a37/a57. These were phase sequential and as such had colour tearing. The OLED ones don't.

I'm all for optics upgrading, the ones in the NEX-6 and NEX-7 aren't great due to the 'rangefinder' style which means there isn't actually a lot of room for optics, especially with the slim bodies of those models. The 'hump' actually allows for better optics in the A77/A7/RX10/A58 etc. However going with a slightly smaller EVF means it is less demanding on the optics which means a nice clear viewfinder. Resolution is only a small part of the story, but people usually just see the number... A bit like the Megapixel Myth over the years, this is the EVF Megapixel Myth

The extra processing would have been the case with either EVF, so I won't go calling that an advantage of the new, lower res one. It is different to the NEX-6 yes, but it will still be a downgrade compared to using the higher res finder in the A7 (with the same processing).

I have both an RX10 and A7 currently. The A7 finder is better, no contest. But that does not make the RX10 one bad, at all. Many people used to think the OM-D E-M5 EVF was better than the NEX-7, that was lower res, but it had better optics and was faster and cleaner. I think the moaning about the EVF 'downgrade' is over the top, especially given the new price point and where they would have to compromise otherwise (inferior optics OR adding a hump to accommodate suitable optics for the bigger EVF panel). There's no free lunch, this is easily the best compromise.

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