Does the D800 rocognize snow?

Started Feb 11, 2014 | Discussions thread
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Yes, Nikons matrix metering does

hzmeyer wrote:

I just took a few outdoor snow scenes with my D800 to see how it handled the mostly white landscape. Some were exposed using the Sunny 16 rule in Manual. Some were exposed using the in-camera meter and some were exposed using the reading from my Sekonic incident light meter. All were surprisingly similar exposures. I also took one with +1.7 exposure compensation which I usually have used for snow scenes. This was the only one that appeared lighter on the camera monitor. It appears that the D800 must recognize the abundance of snow and apply an adjustment to the exposure.

How many of you have taken snow scenes and not had to crank up the exposure compensation?

I have shot a lot of snow scenes and the matrix meter seems to recognize snow. You might have to dial in some compensation, but surprisingly little.

For instance, compare this. First image Nikon with +0.3 compensation, second image Panasonic G2H with +1.3 compensation.

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