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mike earussi wrote:

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

The Bayer sensor may get lucky guesses, but it can never KNOW the correct color values. Because the bayer sensor has to guess for many many values, it is mostly wrong. Not wrong by much, but wrong.

Maybe that's a good way of phrasing it, the Quattro can only know the "true" color on a 5mp level but never on a 19mp level. Whereas the Merrill can know true color on a 14.7mp level.

The other assumption that is going on here is that the 4.9mp layers doesn't produce better results then the two lower layers of the Merrill Sensors.  If the Merrill sensors lower layers collect enough noise and are dirty, all the extra sensor sights might be a detriment instead of an advantage due to processing the dirty data and if noisy enough makes finding the accurate color much less accurate and maybe in harder then the 4.9 mp layers in the new chip.  We may be getting to hung up on the megapixel change and don't realize this might be a very good things for the lower layers because it can collect more accurate and cleaner results.

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