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Re: The Quattro Knows

Roland Karlsson wrote:

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:
The Bayer sensor may get lucky guesses, but it can never KNOW the correct color values. Because the bayer sensor has to guess for many many values, it is mostly wrong. Not wrong by much, but wrong.

The Quattro sensor can know with absolute certainly in many cases the exact colors for every pixel in each quad. So there's a high likelihood it is mostly right.

The Quattro can only "know" true color to a 5mp level because it averages the two lower levels together at that resolution. And though it may show some color variation at the 19mp level, those variations won't ever be "true" at that resolution, just an average.

You are very consistent. That is certain

I assume you have not read information theory?

You can show, with a quite simple reasoning, that it cannot KNOW. It is just to scale up the situation from 4 to 4 million top pixels per pixel in the other layers.

So, you throw in a "in many cases" in your assertion. Yeah! What do you mean by "many cases"? For it to work as a reliable image sensor, it has to be able to do it in almost all cases, or at least in a high percentage of the cases.

So - I do not say you are wrong about your assertion, that the Quattro is good at finding the correct color. But I do say, that you need some more evidence before I do believe that it is as good as you claim.

Personally, I think it is going to be good enough.

This 30 million detector sensor will probably easily beat a 30 million detector Bayer sensor, regarding resolution, and also regarding color artefacts.

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