Sony A6000 has 11FPS shooting with AF. Is this good or bad for A Mount?

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Re: IMO = good news for A-mount A79

If the OS-PDAF is as good as they are saying the SLT's won;t need a mirror at all as you will get live view and AF from the mail sensor. this is very good news if true and shows how strong Sony's design is as it went in one generation from interesting but not very good to the best in a segment.

What I wonder is, are the Amount lenses going to work with this. It was possibly easier for them with E-mount because they could drive the design of the lenses and the OS-PDAF system at the same time an have it all optimized. how it it going to work with older a-mount lenses. or lenses with such a long register distance. Especially considering Sony discovered CDAF doesn't work well with the old lenses.

Also on wide lenses how are those outer AF points going to work? have they bought into a problem where the inside points are ok in the space they were before and the outside points either won't focus or cause back focus because the outside sharpness sucks?

still a lot of questions around this

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