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Re: re: few questions on practical aspects of the a6k

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dpreview has their first look at the A6000 here.

the preliminary videos of a6k AF in action are pretty impressive:

  • so, the AF seems to work well on a6k+16-50PZ - but... WHICH other E-mount lenses (SEL, but also FF for FF) support the OSPDAF this fast in practice?
  • esp. in longer FLs range?

In the video that Parallaxproblem points to you can see that the used a F1.8 lens at F1.8, so we can't say a lot about other lenses, but it looks like the fast AF works with more then the kitlens...

  • as demonstrated, this order of AF speed makes both LA-EA1/3 as well as LA-EA2/4 obsolete (the latter together with all the rest of the SLT technology) - will there be LA-EAx adapters opening/enabling the use of suitably fast A-mount lenses on the a6k and alike bodies?

It would be very nice when we could AF A-mount lenses as fast as now with (at least some) E-mount lenses without SLT adapter. But I believe the AF protocol of both mounts are different, the E-mount still uses CDAF alongside the PDAF, so it is hard to make a system that accepts both types of lenses and do fast focussing, but who knows Sony can do this (it would be great!)

  • how probable this might be, and if probable, then HOW SOON?

???? We do not know if and or when it will be done...


These are good questions... the buffer depth has been answered in this preview:


The A6000 looks like a good contender if you’re a keen action photographer, too. It claims a maximum burst speed 11fps of RAW JPEG for 21 frames or 49fps of fine JPEG before it begins buffering, and I was still able to continue shooting but at a much slower 1-2fps when it was full.

Thanks for the find it is a prity good informative review...

So it seems that there are two seconds of RAW image storage at 11fps before the buffer fills. It also seems that the camera can AF between the shots as this video demonstrates at around 0:40 (though to be honest I was more interested in enjoying his cute parrot than the tech side of things): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q6N2KQ26fd4#t=264

It is a cute parrot isn't it, and the AF capabilities seem very good!

I am particularly interested in the question over adaptors and the possibility of PDAF performance with A-mount lenses. In theory the LA-EA1/3 could support this, or alternatively there could be a 'mixed' type of AF on the LA-EA2/4 like on the A99 where the sensor PDAF 'fills-in' between the external PDAF sensors to provide better tracking... that would be very good and I'm hoping somebody will be asking Sony about A-mount lenses and the new AF capabilities of this camera. Sadly PDAF compatibility was not implemented on the NEX-5r/6 with A-mount lenses, might things have changed with this body?

I do not know, the hybrid AF system on the E-mount still uses CDAF too, so it is a totaly different protocol those lenses use. If Sony could make the A-mount lenses focus fast without the SLT mirror it would be very great news1

Also confused about the customisation options on the buttons. There is an extra button on the back and the two soft buttons seem to have moved. Can the other buttons be assigned different functions?

We have to wait and see some real tests to get to know what is and what is not possible with the soft buttons....

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