With the world’s fastest autofocus system (A6000)

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Re: Sony a6000 First Impressions Review posted

nevercat wrote:

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captura wrote:

  • OLED electronic viewfinder with 1.44M dots * NEX-6 Viewfinder resolution was 2,359,000 dots!

Why was the EVF reduced to 1.44M dots ?

Cost, and marketing

This is the old EVF from the Alpha SLT cameras it seems.

I guess that this camera is not for MF lenses, but for fast AF lenses

Also, it enables a (big) distinction for a future upmarket (=pricier) A7000 model.

Not quite. Sony rep in video clearly states that this EVF has different and improved optics in front of OLED EVF and in combination with faster BIONZ-X chip (faster feed, refresh, cleaner image etc) it offers actually better viewing experience. So I consider this as an upgrade to old NEX-6/7 EVF.

BTW, imaging-resource review confirms that side-by-side a6000 EVF is much better one to use.

Maybe so. But it's smaller, and that can't be a good thing. Somebody already posted that they borrowed it from another cheaper camera.

Maybe you look to munch into the numbers. You might look into this numbers too:

Then Nex 5 (the original, without EVF) cost in 2010 $700 this camera 4 yearls later, costs only $800,-- You get an EVF, WIFI, more pixels, faster docussing, mode dial etc. for that money. I think it's a steal!

When comparing it to theprice of the Nex 6 at launch: $899,--. The A6000 is $100,-- cheaper, it has faster AF (something much asked for) and you complain about the EVF that has a lower resolution.... Sory but this is economics.

I think Sony did a hell of ajob creating this camera, with these specs. at this pricepoint!

Totally agree.

exactly...my biggest conplain about nex was the Af and it seems its adressed as no one ever thought...also 24mpix sensor...from the early comments, ice read its better, at least on par with d5300 sensor which os a quite awesome sensor...ill definetely replace my two 5n bodies with this beast...i never mind resolution of evf...

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