Sony A6000 has 11FPS shooting with AF. Is this good or bad for A Mount?

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Re: If they tell me to use adaptors for A-mount

JimmyMelbourne wrote:

nandbytes wrote:

JimmyMelbourne wrote:

This hybrid camera that has been rumoured might not be so far away.

Imagine a camera where you can change the mount directly on the camera, not really an adapter, but a camera that provides the same functions and performance regardless of whether you are using it with an E Mount or A mount lens. No loss of functionality.

I can imagine a DSLR style camera, similar to the A3000, more professional level, slightly larger, full frame, with the ability to change the mount configuration directly on the camera. This could be achieved either by an added mount module that slides on and is fixed securely (like an adapter but more integrated and solid, and smaller), or two mount configuration able to be changed on the camera without a module.

The camera would be mirrorless.

Well sony said their commitment to A-mount will be clear later in the year. So I am waiting to see what this means. But I would like to have IBIS so that I can use all my A-mount lenses like I am able to now.

I am just worried they will just say we are committed in the sense that we will give you a wide range of adaptors with different functionalities like they do now. I will not be happy if they do that. I am not going to lie the new adaptor with SLT (on the A7) looks ugly as hell to me. I rather go back to using a p&s or a film camera than use that, seriously.

I'm talking about an alternative method. There is no reason for a hybrid camera as I have described not to have IBIS, as it will be a larger camera than the current E Mount cameras. The limitation for IBIS seems to be size in the case of NEX and E Mount FF bodies, or in the case of A3000, cost.

I do not like the look or usability of the current adapter either. This would only be an option for me if I start investing in E Mount, which I have decided not to do (for now).

This type of camera should be possible, the question is would it be profitable for Sony to do the R&D and release of such a camera? i would expect it would only be appealing to current A Mount users or those users who have their feet in both camps. An E Mount user may not see the benefit.

They may see a benefit in the opposite way to how a dslr user sees the benefit of having a mirror-less camera to take out when they don't want to lug the dslr around.

Full featured and larger sized bodies like the A77 make handling long lenses easier  and allow for many more knobs and buttons.

Or put another way look at the Fuji XT-1.  I am sure you will see Fuji owners owning both an XT-1 and X-E1 for different uses.  If there is no market within the E mount user base for what would be an equivalent to the XT-1, then Fuji has just released a pup.

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