With the world’s fastest autofocus system (A6000)

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re: few questions on practical aspects of the a6k

sean lancaster wrote:

dpreview has their first look at the A6000 here.

the preliminary videos of a6k AF in action are pretty impressive:

  • so, the AF seems to work well on a6k+16-50PZ - but... WHICH other E-mount lenses (SEL, but also FF for FF) support the OSPDAF this fast in practice?
  • esp. in longer FLs range?
  • as demonstrated, this order of AF speed makes both LA-EA1/3 as well as LA-EA2/4 obsolete (the latter together with all the rest of the SLT technology) - will there be LA-EAx adapters opening/enabling the use of suitably fast A-mount lenses on the a6k and alike bodies?
  • how probable this might be, and if probable, then HOW SOON?
  • what is the buffer depth on a6k for RAW files (the specs do not list this info)?
  • how many such RAWs can be recorded at 11 fps before the buffer fills up, and there will be inevitable slow down??
  • can a6k hold at least 2-3 seconds worth of RAWs at 11fps?
  • are the a6k RAWs of approx. the same size as from N7 (which means with no lossy compression, like those from A7s cams)?
  • as there is no AEL/AFL - AF/MF switch on the back of a6k;
  • IS THERE any other way on N6 type bodies - to take-off AF from half-press of the shutter, and assign it to some other location at the back of a6k??

just some impromptu questions from a top of the head, but perhaps there are lots more of unknowns (easier to ask/answer by the current N6 owners, than for N7 ones = mine familiarity with N6 is rather limited at best)


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