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re. Skintones, esp. SOOC…… (pics)

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I have a feeling that several members of this forum now have a Nikon Df and may have had or still have D600 or D610. So I am wondering what advantages one would find with the Df.

I am also wondering how skin tones are handled and if DR is any different.

Looks cool with a scarf and skinny jeans?

I'm always amazed that people ask such questions and I'm always amazed that people actually respond like this.

If one is so concerned with skin tones then one has a deep knowledge of post processing to get skin tones just right regardless of camera. For example. If not yet, then I my response to the OP is to learn about such things - they can be far more powerful than any new camera. Spend your time on post processing techniques to get things dialed in to your preference.

As regards to skintones (I'm only discussing skintones), you need to take a step back (3 or 4 please, thank you;) )

Andrew: quoting PP as a way to get skintones means you have no experience with the different abilities of cameras to capture pleasing skintones & skin colours (two different but complementary issues) under a variety of lighting conditions SOOC (straight out-of-camera); the king of which is the venerable Fuji S5 pro. I don't blame you, little R&D has been spent on developing this area in DSLR SOOC output.

Unfortunately all (I mean all) modern DSLRs are very far off in their ability to nail skintones (or at least pleasing skintones) under a variety of conditions SOOC. SOOC is still an important issue to pros who need to consign sellable images there & then (not just sports, as you will see).

The article you ironically linked highlights the dismal ability of current FF & DX DSLRs to get pleasing skintones, unfortunately since Nikon & Canon constitute the vast majority of DSLRs sold, photographers (as well as the public) is getting used  to iffy skintones, many times still a tad iffy even after PP (as that highlighted in that same article!).

That article also highlights the grave mistake so many photographers are making: there is a difference between a DSLR's rendering of (SOOC) skin colours & skin tones.
eg: Canon get the skin colours better but still plasticky tones SOOC without PP (eg & especially the 5D3, Nikon gets the skin tones better SOOC without PP at the expense of colour……including the D800/e.

The following were shot during a high end musical event last weekend, where images where needed literally there & then. Images under different lighting conditions, I even included two under a mix of tungsten & halogen, one technically slightly over exposed & one slightly underexposed to demonstrate how even wit changes in exposure the S5 pro delivers pleasing skin colours & tones SSOC. Try that with a modern Nikon or Canon. The D4/Dƒ (same/similar sensor) & 610 seem to be exception, we'll see)

There were quite a number of (unpaid but solicited) advanced amateurs, ladies & gents who know their stuff, not arrogant newbies, yet the only images chosen for publication & promotion by the venue, organizers, festival singers & broadcasting services covering the event were images from our crew.

These clients (good to secure their services in advance BTW) know snot about photographic technique & don't care about fanboyish devotion to this or that camera brand, they only want the most appealing imagery.

Here goes:

ever so slightly underexposed (maybe ⅙-⅓ of a stop, arguably great as it is)

slightly overexposed, yet great skin colours & tones SOOC

Stage lighting, that varied for each & every single song/singer……again SOOC

different light sources, SOOC JPEG, no blown reds. ISO 800 is quite high for this old-timer of a DSLR

again SOOC, no PP. Look at the pleasing skin colours & tones of different people who are at different depths in the scene

again SOOC image, needed there & then, completely different lighting (& colour temp) then the first image/singer

The bomb is that all these were shot in……AWB(!) on the S5

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